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Step-by-Step Shopify Store Creation

Step-by-Step Shopify Store Creation

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Product Description:

Unlock the secrets to building a profitable Shopify store from scratch with our comprehensive course, "Step-by-Step Shopify Store Building." This course is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to create a successful online store without prior technical knowledge. Led by Monique Peters, an expert with over nine years of experience in managing online stores and building more than 30 Shopify stores, you'll gain invaluable insights and practical skills to set up your own Shopify store.

What You'll Learn:

  • Introduction to Shopify: Understand the basics of Shopify, its features, and why it is the preferred platform for online businesses.
  • Building Your Demo Store: Learn to create a captivating home page, add demo products, develop essential website content, and design a compelling logo and color scheme.
  • Domain Names and Business Email: Discover how to choose and purchase a domain name, set up a business email, and ensure your store is easily accessible.
  • Creating Collections: Organize your products effectively with manual and automated collections, making it easier for customers to navigate your store.
  • Uploading Products: Find and upload demo products to showcase your store to potential suppliers.
  • Adding Content: Enhance your store with important pages, policies, and engaging blog posts to build trust and authority.
  • Creating Navigation: Develop intuitive navigation menus to connect your pages, collections, and products.
  • Designing Your Store: Select and customize themes, create high-quality images and graphics, and ensure your store looks professional and attractive.
  • Theme Customization: Learn to customize your store's theme to match your brand and improve user experience.
  • Final Considerations: Explore essential Shopify settings and apps to extend your store's functionality and ensure a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Course Highlights:

  • User-Friendly: Designed for beginners, no technical background or coding skills required.
  • Hands-On Guidance: Step-by-step instructions with video lessons, handouts, AI resource links, guides, and templates.
  • Community Support: Join our Facebook community to share your progress and connect with fellow learners, with support from Monique Peters, Ian Bond and our team.
  • Flexible Learning: Work at your own pace with a printable roadmap and checklist to track your progress.
  • Exclusive Tools: Utilize free tools and AI to enhance your store-building process.

Why Choose This Course:

  • Expert Instructor: I bring extensive experience and passion for e-commerce to guide you through every step of building your Shopify store.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From niche selection to supplier engagement, this course covers all critical elements needed for a successful online store.
  • Practical Approach: Gain practical skills and knowledge that you can immediately apply to your own business.
  • Supportive Community: Benefit from a vibrant and supportive community of fellow learners and experts.

What's Included:

  • Lifetime access to all course materials and updates.
  • Access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support.
  • Downloadable resources, templates, and checklists.
  • Personalized feedback and support from Monique Peters over to 30-minute calls. 

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