How to provide trade references when you are just starting out?
Most Dealer Application forms we receive when applying for a relationship with a new supplier come with a "Trade Reference" section.

Usually, when suppliers ask for trade references, they mean other suppliers you have a relationship with.

My approach when this happens is to list a few of the other suppliers you are in contact with without including any direct contact numbers. I wait for them to ask so I can arrange a reference call. However, I have yet to be asked for it. My guess is they won't be in your case either.

One of the reasons they won't press on this issue is because we are not asking for credit terms with them. Instead, we will pay for each order as it ships to the customer.

So, as an alternative, you can write, "No credit requested. Payment in full."

Finally, if they insist, let me know, and we will help you with additional strategies.