Mastering Shopify Collections: A Strategic Guide for Selling High-Ticket Items

Mastering Shopify Collections: A Strategic Guide for Selling High-Ticket Items

I am working on a client's new website build with a particularly complicated niche. I've been working on planning the collections and menus for two days now. 

This part of the process is so important when building a Shopify store. 

Thinking about collections carefully is always worth your time. 

  • Your products can belong to multiple collections – more chances to be found.
  • Collections will feed your menus and the general organization of your store.
  • Collections will also feed the cards you will add to your home page.
  • By planning your collections early on, you will make it easier in the future when you are uploading hundreds of products.
  • Stores with Shopify "default" menus (Home Page, Catalog) do not inspire the authority and trustworthiness we need to show potential suppliers of our high-ticket products. 

How do you create amazing collections? 

Look at your competitors! Peek at how your suppliers organize them, too. 

My process involves:

  • Opening a tab per competitor; 
  • Writing down how my competitors organize their products in menus;
  • Keep an eye on the order of the menus. The first menu on the left is their best-seller or core product. When you open that menu, the order is more important on top;
  • Make a note of how your competitors are organizing their collections in menus until you find a pattern;
  • Decide the best version of that pattern will work for you. Adjust for that. You could be emphasizing a particular angle or target audience;
  • This process will help you create collections, plan your main menu, and decide how to add your future products to these collections. 

All this is easier done in the early stages before you add suppliers. However, you can always go back and improve your collections. It will be worthwhile.  

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